Message from Hope Community Services

Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for awarding HOPE a 5 Year Anniversary Grant. We will put the funds to good use over the summer feeding kids who receive free school lunch during the school year. The support of Impact 100 means so much to so many!

Also, thank you for lovely evening, it was a pleasure being at your celebration.



Musical Instruments collected to benefit Songcatchers:
We are most grateful for this gift from Impact. The mentors were delighted when they heard the news. 

Blessings on the work of Impact 100. I am in great admiration of all that you do for so many.

Sr. Beth

Songcatchers update on receiving grant award:

Hi, Amelie.  All's well....I am still working on an issue or two, but you should see what we are doing with the money we received from Impact 100.. With Kim's connections as an architect, the office now has a sound proof wall so the lessons and admin. work are not on top of each other, a defunct bathroom is being partially restored so that we won't have to send our boys into the HOPE area which is getting more and more busy, and a little storage space is being spruced up.‚Äč

Thank you all again!

Sr. Beth

Groundwork Hudson Valley

Impact 100 was one of the earliest supporters behind a dream to re-green and revitalize the city we call home through the development of the Yonkers Greenway. Impact 100 not only believed in this vision, but brought it to reality through funding to build a new, state of the art playground adjacent to the trail. This early support paved the way to leverage other transformative gifts to design and construct the Greenway. That is the kind of bold, game changing philanthropy we need now more than ever in our community.

Brigitte Griswold, Executive Director. 


Thank You Video

First Gen Latino U Fellow Laura Valencia Gomez

Class of 2020, Binghamton University

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