How To Apply 2022 Grant Cycle

Step 1. Attend Nonprofit Information Session and Workshops

    • Optional Grant Cycle Information session, November 10, 2021
    • Optional Project Pitch Workshops, December 3 and December 8, 2021
Step 2. Submit Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
    • Web-based Grant Application system opens November 15, 2021
    • Transformational Project Grant amounts announced January 4, 2022 (based on the number of members who join Impact100 Westchester by the end of 2021)
    • LOIs must be submitted by January 14, 2022
    • Grant Review Committees evaluate LOIs
    • By February 11, 2022, all applicants will be notified about whether or not they have been selected to proceed to the Full Proposal stage
Step 3. Submit Full Proposal, if selected
    • Web-based Grant Application system reopens for Full Proposal stage mid-February, 2022
    • Applicants selected to submit a Full Proposal must meet the March 4, 2022 deadline
    • Finance Committee reviews Full Proposal applications
    • Grant Review Committees evaluate Full Proposals and select applicants for Site Visits
    • By April 12, 2022, all applicants will be notified about whether they have been selected for a Site Visit
Step 4. Arrange Site Visit, if selected
    • Applicants selected for site visits will schedule dates/times for members to visit (April 18 - 29, 2022)
    • Guidelines for site visits will be provided
    • Each Grant Review Committee selects one Finalist to present at the Annual Meeting
    • May 6, 2022, all Site Visit applicants will be notified about whether they have been selected as a Finalist
Step 5. Present at Annual Meeting, if selected as a Finalist
    • Five finalists present their projects to the full membership at the Annual Meeting, June 7, 2022
    • Presentation guidelines will be provided
    • Members vote by anonymous ballot to determine the Transformational Project Grant recipients
    • Grant award recipients are announced at the end of the Annual Meeting
    • The two finalists with the most votes will receive Transformational Project Grants ($85,000 each); the remaining three finalists will receive unrestricted Core Mission Grants ($30,000 each)

Grant Payment and Follow-up

Payment of Grant(s)

Prior to the release of funds for each Transformational Project Grant, the recipient must sign a Grant Agreement. The Grant Agreement will be based upon the application and Project Budget Worksheet with specific terms to be negotiated and agreed between Impact100 Westchester and the recipient.  Runners up will each receive a Core Mission Grant.  Core Mission Grants do not require a Grant Agreement, may be used for any legitimate operating purpose consistent with the organization's mission and will be paid in full within two weeks of the Annual Meeting.

Reports and Evaluation (for Transformational Project Grant award recipients only)

Grantees must report periodically on the progress of their project to Impact100 Westchester as specified in the Grant Agreement.

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