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What types of grants does Impact100 Westchester award?

Impact100 Westchester awards three types of grants to qualified nonprofit organizations whose applications have gone through a thorough and rigorous review process:

  1. Transformational Project Grants
  2. Core Mission Grants
  3. Impact Boost Awards (separate application targeting Westchester nonprofits with a total annual revenue of less than $250,000. More information is available here:

What is a Transformational Project Grant?

Transformational Project Grants range from $75,000 - $100,000 to fund projects and programs that are significant to the recipient organizations and their ability to serve the needs of the Westchester community.  Each grantee will be expected to negotiate and sign a Grant Agreement and will be responsible for periodic reporting to Impact100 Westchester.  

What is a Core Mission Grant?

Core Mission Grants range from $20,000 - $30,000 that recipients will be entitled to use as they see fit, consistent with their mission.  These grants do not need a Grant Agreement and do not require ongoing reporting obligations to Impact100 Westchester. 

Can I apply for a Core Mission Grant?  

No, all applicants to Impact100 Westchester apply for a Transformational Project Grant.  The results of the membership vote at the Annual Meeting determine the type of grant the nonprofit is awarded (Transformational Project or Core Mission).

What is a Grant Agreement?

A Grant Agreement is the formal legal document that specifies the various terms of the grant, such as: project details, reporting requirements and payment schedule.  These terms are necessary so we can be sure the grant funds are spent in a responsible manner, consistent with the project that was awarded the grant. 

What is the timing of the application process?

The application process begins in November with submission of a Grant Application and ends in June with membership voting at the Annual Meeting.  All nonprofits interested in applying for an Impact100 Westchester grant are strongly encouraged to attend a virtual Information Session in the fall, prior to the application portal opening in November if they wish to apply.  There will also be an opportunity to attend a workshop in December to receive support in planning and writing a Grant Application.  Please see our list of Important Dates for details.

What does the application process involve?

The first stage of the application process is the Grant Application:  a series of questions to answer and documents to upload online.  The second round is by invitation only and will include an online interview.  Virtual Site visits will be arranged for a smaller subset of applicants invited to proceed to the next stage of the process. New for 2024: All applicants selected for a Site Visit will be guaranteed a minimum unrestricted award of $5,000 to support the nonprofit's mission. Finalists will be selected to present at the Annual Meeting.  See the How to Apply page for instructions and guidance and the Important Dates page for specific timing and deadlines. 

May I send additional materials with the Grant Application, like one of our brochures or newsletters or a letter of reference?  

Yes, there will be opportunities to upload additional information within the online application.

How many Transformational Project Grants will be awarded? 

The number of Transformational Project Grants vary from year to year, depending upon the number of members.  The number and dollar amount of Transformational Project Grants will be announced in mid-January; this information will be posted on our Impact100 Home page and will also be emailed to nonprofit organizations on our mailing list.

What is the amount of each Transformational Project Grant?

In our prior grant cycles, Transformational Project Grants have been awarded in the $75,000 to $100,000 range.

The funding we need for our project is less than the Transformational Project Grant amount.  Can we submit a Grant Application for less than the full amount?  

Please review our instructions on How to Apply for a grant and pay close attention to the required Project Budget Worksheet.  New for 2024: 30% of the Transformational Project Grant can be allocated towards Core Operating expenses.  If you still have questions after reviewing our instructions and Project Budget Worksheet, please contact us for assistance.

Can our organization submit multiple proposals?  

No, each organization may submit only one Grant Application each year.

How does Impact100 Westchester decide who receives the grants?  

Impact100 Westchester's review process is rigorous and involves evaluations by Grant Review Committees and the Finance Committee, as well as a virtual Site Visit before finalists are chosen.  The finalists attend the Annual Meeting in June and make presentations about their projects to the entire membership.  Members vote by individual ballot at the Annual Meeting, and that vote determines the grant recipients.  Each finalist will receive either a Transformational Project or Core Mission Grant.

Who can we contact to discuss our Grant Application after it is submited?  

Contact us with any questions regarding the grant process.

Impact100 Westchester is committed to a fair, unbiased process.  We do not accept any unsolicited communication related to topics other than questions about the guidelines, process, or forms.  Applicants should not contact the board or any other members unless we request additional information.  Applicants must not make any attempt to lobby for their proposal.  Any attempt to unfairly influence the process is grounds for elimination from consideration.

Does Impact100 offer any support during the grant application and selection process?

Yes, Impact100 conducts optional events during the Grant Cycle to support nonprofits:

  1. Virtual Nonprofit Information Session detailing each step of the process in early November
  2. Pitch Grant Application Workshop to assist nonprofit in shaping and solidifying project ideas in early December
  3. Nonprofit Advisor assigned to each Grant Application to facilitate second round stage follow up questions and answers and if applicable, advise on preparation for a virtual Site Visit.
  4. Nonprofit Advisor and VP of Nonprofit Relations will guide nonprofits chosen as Finalists in preparation for their Annual Meeting project presentations

Do you award grants to programs or projects that expend the funds over a period of years?  

As stated in the grant guidelines, Impact100 Westchester seeks projects or programs that expend grant funds within 18 months of the initial grant installment.

Will you consider a Grant Application from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?  

Yes.  However, one of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization” applying as if it were an individual organization on behalf of the collaboration.  The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions, and liabilities of the grant if it is received.

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund capital campaigns.  Will you fund capital expenditures as part of a Grant Application?  

Yes.  We will fund capital expenditures that are clearly related to the proposed project or program.

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund general construction or renovation.  Will you fund construction or renovation as part of a Grant Application?  

Yes.  We will fund construction or renovation expenditures that are clearly related to the proposed project.

Your guidelines indicate that applicants may allocate up to 30% of the Impact100 Transformational Project Grant toward Core Operating Expenses.  What do you consider as eligible Core Operating Expenses?  Must we itemize these expenses?  

We consider Core Operating Expenses to include any expense required for your organization to run its programs. Please include the dollar amount as a line item in the Project Budget Summary Section, labeled as "Core Operating Expenses;" there is no need to provide details explaining the nature of these expenses.

Once an organization receives a grant from Impact100 Westchester, can it reapply the following year?  

An organization that receives a Transformational Project Grant from Impact100 Westchester may not apply again for 36 months after their last grant payment.  A Core Mission Grant recipient can apply for a Transformational Project Grant the following year.  Organizations that apply but are not selected as finalists can also reapply in the future.

If we submit a Grant Application this year that is not funded, how soon can we submit another Application?  

You may apply again the following year.

What kind of communication can we expect from Impact100 Westchester during the application process? 

Applicants who have submitted a Grant Application will be notified by early March whether they have been selected to proceed to the second round and will be notified by mid-May whether they have been selected as finalists.  Please see Important Dates for more specific details.

Will the grant be paid in a lump sum? 

Transformational Project Grants are distributed according to the negotiated terms of the Grant Agreement, which depend upon the nature of the project.  Core Mission Grants are distributed in a lump sum payment within two weeks of the Annual Meeting.

Our organization does not have its own legal nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.  May we apply for a Transformational Project Grant under a Fiscal Sponsor?

Yes, your nonprofit organization may apply under a Fiscal Sponsor provided that:

  • your organization has its own separate CPA reviewed/audited financial documents
  • the application and project budget are completed under your organization’s name
  • the Form 990 and 501(c)(3) are in the name of the Fiscal Sponsor

If your organization does not have its own separate CPA reviewed/audited financial statements, the fiscal sponsor must be the applicant.  The fiscal sponsor, as the applicant, must meet the eligibility requirements.

If I am a grant writer, nonprofit employee or nonprofit consultant can I be an Impact100 member and participate on committees?

You may be an Impact100 member and you may attend the finalist Virtual Site Visits that are open to all members. However, if you are writing a grant for or working with any nonprofits during a given grant cycle, for that cycle, you may not participate on any Grant Review or Finance committee.

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