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Project Budget:

Project Summary:

Mission:  Endeavor is a female-founded and staffed organization with the mission to empower individuals with a broad range of needs by providing them the highest quality equine-assisted services. These programs service the most disadvantaged individuals in Westchester—Veterans, At Risk Youth, and Children and Adults with Disabilities. The services generate meaningful outcomes that improve functioning and quality of life for participants of all ages. In total, approximately 550 unique individuals per year are served. 

Major Programs:

  • Equine Clinical Services: clinicians provide psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy & physical therapy to clients with an equine partner
  • Residential Youth Horsemanship Program: participants are full-time residents at our partnering agencies due to their extreme emotional, psychiatric, and/or behavioral needs resulting from experiences with trauma, poverty, racism, and other forms of discrimination
  • Veteran & Active-Duty Military Horsemanship & Therapy: provides therapies and recreational equine activities for veterans, active-duty military individuals and their families
  • Therapeutic Horsemanship: recreation-based program serving individuals with disabilities
  • Equine-Assisted Learning Program: partnership with 10 local schools to integrate learning themes from the classroom into the sensory-rich environment of the farm
  • Equine Prison Program: partnership with Taconic and Bedford Hills Women's Prison to provide equine assisted services to incarcerated women

Project: Sustaining and Expanding Equine Assisted Services with New Fencing (Capital Project)

Endeavor has an urgent need to repair and expand the fencing at the farm. By replacing 100% of the existing program and paddock fencing that is in poor condition, adding two new fenced in paddocks, and adding a gate to the front of the driveway, the farm will be able to eliminate a hazard, improve the health and wellness of the herd, and increase herd size to meet the need for enrollment growth. If awarded a Transformational Grant, Endeavor plans on completing the project within two months of receiving the funds.

The fencing encloses program areas and paddocks keeping horses and participants safe. The current fencing is in poor condition and must be improved to mitigate dangerous scenarios due to breaks in the fencing that can cause injuries to humans and horse.  Endeavor will repair fencing on all five existing program spaces and add a gate to the front of the driveway. These upgrades will fully enclose the Endeavor farm. The security of having a farm that is 100% fenced in is of great importance to the safety of the horses and the safety of our participants.

In addition to improving safety standards, the fencing project will increase open areas for program lessons and allow participants a greater area to grow skills.  Additionally, the fencing will benefit the farm as an increase in paddocks and places of egress will allow for rotation of fields and will minimize erosion and mud, thereby improving the root system and further stabilizing the soil and grass growth. Finally, the new fencing plan will enable the herd to increase from 12 to 15 horses so that Endeavor will be able to reach more participants (approximately 45 additional lessons/week) without causing additional strain on their horses, helping the horses’ longevity in the program.

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