Voting is conducted online through Election Runner, a secure system that ensures each member only votes once.

Absentee ballots will be emailed before the Annual Meeting on Monday, June 5.

Regular ballots will be emailed during the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 6. 

Emails will be sent from Impact100 Westchester / Be sure to have your phone or other device with you in order to access your email at the meeting.

The email contains a prompt to take you directly to the Election Runner site and will contain a unique Voter ID and Voter Key. Voting will end after the finalist presentations and results will be announced at the conclusion of our Annual Meeting.

Before you vote, please learn about each finalist by exploring the finalist websites, Site Visits, Project Summaries and Budgets available in our Annual Meeting Portal and watching the live presentations at our meeting.

Once cast, ballots cannot be changed.

Questions? contact Deb LaPerch, Membership Co-chair.

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